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Proactively Protect Your Infrastructure THE EAGLE ARRAY™ SYSTEM

The Eagle Array™ provides a comprehensive internal corrosion/erosion assessment of the mechanical integrity of pipes, pipelines, towers, and tanks. Completely non-destructive, it is ideal for use in locations that are not easily accessible or for complex component geometries.

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With More Data, the Owl is the Wisest of All Test Stations THE OWL TEST STATION™

The Owl Test Station™ transcends the capabilities of a traditional test station by measuring cathodic protection with the latest ultrasound technology. Our test stations provide unrivaled precision and detailed analysis on buried pipes and pipelines or those located under high-voltage power lines or in soil-resistant areas.

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Measure With Unsurpassed Accuracy ULTRASONIC TESTING PROBE

Primarily used to measure external corrosion/erosion, our UT probes ascertain coupon loss instantly ... with precise ultrasound technology to ensure the most accurate data is available to our customers. Our probes do not require coupon removal and can fit into existing installations on pipelines, under insulation, and around storage tanks.


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