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Advanced NDT Services

Other Advanced NDT Services by BSI

Positive Material Identification:

  • Identify unknown pipe/carbon content, etc.


Guided Wave

Magnetic Particle:

  • (MPI or MT) on a pipeline to check for stress corrosion cracking


Dye Penetrant:

  • (DPI or PT) ito detect casting, forging and welding surface defects such as hairline cracks, surface porosity, leaks in new products, and fatigue cracks on in-service components


Visual Inspection methods (VT) including borescope

Shear wave

API-653 / 510/ 570

Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) per AWS QC1-96

Sensors On Pipe
Sensors On Pipe

Weld Testing Capabilities:

  • Bend
  • Load
  • Macro Etching
  • Tensile
  • Hardness
  • Macro/Microhardness
  • Corrosion
  • Chemical Analysis/PMI
  • Charpy Impact
  • Drop Weight Impact
  • Replications (micro structure set to lab for analysis)


Pipeline Inspections - In Service and New Construction

Pipe Line Integrity evaluations

Bolt Torque Inspection per AISC

Tube Inspections

Bolt Inspection

Rope Access Inspection

General Ultrasound Services:

  • Internal and External Corrosion Pit locating, sizing, corrosion scanning, and failure analysis


R&D Technology Development

Tank Sonar Imaging

Ultrasound Signal Processing

Remote Tank Seal Inspection

Continual Weld Monitoring

Post ILI Verification

BASIC Ultrasound Training Class (Similar to ASNT Level II),BASIC NDE Training Class

CP Engineering and Internal/External Corrosion Direct Assessment Planning

Sensors On Pipe

Repeatable Corrosion Mapping:

  • Enhance corrosion scanning with versatility, functionality, and simplicity
  • Corrosion scanning with positional and index encoding
  • Scan non-ferrous pipes/tubes of sizes 4 in - 38 in (10.2 cm - 96.5 cm)
  • Measure flaws in the base material and show their position, extent and depth
  • Detect pitting, general corrosion and laminar defects including inclusions, plate laminations and blistering
  • Obtain routine and repeatable corrosion maps
  • Operating Environment: -4°F (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C)
  • Locate Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC also referred to as stepwise cracking) and Stress Oriented Hydrogen Induced Cracking (SOHIC) damage
  • Differentiate between laminations, blistering and stepwise cracking (HIC)
  • Inspect as-fabricated welds including long seem, girth welds, and nozzle welds


Phased Array Services: BSI’s certified inspectors provide weld integrity and flaw detection scanning services. Using the latest in phased array ultrasound imaging technology, we specialize in internal pit detection and corrosion/erosion mapping. We closely coordinate and validate ILI inspections and monitor for change.

Why BSI?

BSI excels in translating the precision and reliability of ultrasound, previously only found in a laboratory setting, into real-world field environments.

We are experts in the development of unique, rugged ultrasound sensors and “smart” probes as well as the design of signal processing software that enhances and preserves data quality.

BSI has a strong and globally respected reputation for technical excellence. With decades of field experience we understand customer needs. We provide immediate online data and information access to our customers while working in the background analyzing the integrity of your data.

With today’s budgetary constraints, the Eagle Array System has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to conventional risk reduction and operational improvement methods. Cost savings associated with the elimination of scaffolding and inspection crew dispatching, as well as the value of early problem detection are only a few of the benefits that our customers realize.

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