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The Eagle Array™
Keeping a sharp eye on mechanical integrity.

Maintaining your
System Integrity.

BSI's Eagle Array - monitoring the internal integrity of thousands of miles of pipeline is a top priority for companies in industries such as oil, petroleum, natural gas, and electricity. Pipeline failures can result in extensive damage to properties or land, or even serious injuries to members of your team. Even in a best-case scenario, faulty pipes or pipelines are likely to translate to significant downtime and expense.

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Sensors On Pipe
Eagle Array Sensors

BSI Sensors

Rugged, field-ready, ultrasonic sensors built to withstand harsh environmental extremes. Field-proven, installed at wellheads, pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, utilities and underground pipelines. Positioned on the outside of your equipment for ease of placement and easy removal, BSI ultrasound sensors monitor the integrity of mechanical structures with incredible accuracy.

What Do BSI Sensors Monitor?


Assess the conditional health of your system to determine when something needs changed as opposed to simply changing components at predefined intervals, when it may or may not be necessary.


Remotely monitor pit growth, flaw and crack mitigation, and general metal loss.

Temp / Humidity

Relationships and trends among temperature, humidity and corrosion/erosion rates are established and correlated to particular plant events.


The Array Design


Single or multiple sensor installations create a unified communication and processing system. Each sensor independently monitors for trends and exceptional events. Single and broadband waveforms can be generated and analyzed in order to identify potential flaws or deviations from the norm.


Multiple readings at strategic locations along a pipeline reveal broad perspectives of a pipeline’s interior. Uniform data sets are used as a realistic predictor of corrosion or erosion conditions. Data are acquired remotely or with an Eagle Array IMPAcTtm data logger.

Blue Sensor Array min
The Ultrasound Difference

Historically, ultrasonic instruments have been used to evaluate the integrity of components manually. In many circumstances, the accuracy of these measurements is operator dependent. However, the reliability and precision of ultrasound technology, when used in a more automated fashion, eliminates variables that oftentimes impacts measurement accuracy.

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24-Hour Monitoring

BSI software acquires, encrypts, aggregates and formats invaluable data around the clock. Trends and exceptions are alarmed and reported to customers at a “moment’s notice.”

Easy to Interpret

Customer interfaces are available to the user 24 hours a day with unique display features and decision-making tools.


Customer preferences are built into all user interfaces. Data logging schedules, Cloud uploads and text/email alerts are all tailored to specific user needs.

Power Options

At BSI, we understand that not all applications are alike. The Eagle Array integrity system is designed for a variety of client-driven scenarios:

  • Compatibility with local 110/240 VAC power
  • Instrumentation DC power
  • Solar power/battery
  • Power over Ethernet (POE)

Why BSI?

BSI excels in translating the precision and reliability of ultrasound, previously only found in a laboratory setting, into real-world field environments.

We are experts in the development of unique, rugged ultrasound sensors and “smart” probes as well as the design of signal processing software that enhances and preserves data quality.

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