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Offshore Monitoring
Endless Monitoring Possibilities

Remote Monitoring

Endless Monitoring Possibilities

All monitoring components are configured to transmit critical integrity data through many different wireless technologies. BSI's monitoring systems can be installed in remote locations, virtually anywhere.

From the middle of the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean, BSI can monitor the integrity of your system in order to identify potential flaws or deviations in your infrastructure.

Platform Monitoring

An offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico is equipped with BSI's mechanical integrity monitoring system. The system of ultrasound-based pipe wall thickness sensors are designed for remote internet access and provides continuous 24/7 hourly reporting information on targeted components.


BP Atlantis
24-Hour Monitoring

BSI software collects, aggregates, analyzes and formats invaluable data for our customers every hour, 24 hours a day. With a rapid processing speed for collecting large data sets, SCOUT™ offers multiple interface options to support the most popular current databases and conventional data collection systems.

Easy to Interpret

The SCOUT™ interface, accessible online, incorporates unique display features for easy user interpretation and subsequent decision-making. It works with Windows, iOS, and Android. All software and hardware updates are included in the cost of your system.


Cognizant that different customers have different needs, BSI developed SCOUT™ to be fully customizable based on customer preferences. For example, users can control whether they would like a real-time or scheduled Cloud upload, or they can choose to set text or email alerts. Modifications to the interface itself can be made to respond to unique requirements.

Eagle Array Sensors

BSI Sensors

Each system starts with a sensor, or multiple sensors. All of our components are rugged, field-ready, and built to withstand harsh environmental extremes. Subjected to extensive testing, BSI sensors must meet high quality assurance thresholds.  Our sensors and systems have been field-proven at wellheads, pipelines, refineries and underground pipelines. Clamped to the outside of your equipment for ease of placement and easy removal, BSI UT sensors have the remarkable capability to alter power and frequency characteristics to monitor the integrity of mechanical structures with incredible accuracy.

What Do BSI Sensors Monitor?


Assess the conditional health of your system to determine when something needs changed as opposed to simply changing components at predefined intervals, when it may or may not be necessary.


Remotely monitor pit growth, flaw and crack mitigation, and general metal loss.

Temp / Humidity

Relationships and trends between temperature, humidity and corrosion/erosion rates can be established and correlated to particular temperature-related plant events.

The Ultrasound Difference

Historically, ultrasonic instruments have been used to evaluate the integrity of components manually. In many circumstances, the accuracy of these measurements is operator dependent.  In addition to being somewhat inconsistent and unreliable, manual assessment can be disruptive to operations, is time intensive, and costly. A more proven and predictive approach is to use the precision of ultrasound technology in a more automated fashion, eliminating variables that may impact measurement accuracy.

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Power Options

At BSI, we understand that not all applications are alike. The Eagle Array integrity system is designed for a variety of client-driven scenarios:

  • Compatibility with local 110/240 VAC power
  • Instrumentation DC power
  • Solar power/battery
  • Power over Ethernet (POE)

Data Interface

System users also have the option of taking measurements either manually or wirelessly. If done manually, data is captured and stored quickly in the field with BSI’s Universal Logger. There are no depth limitations or service interruptions for either option. Data can be accessed online through a secure interface at a later time.

Wireless technology has become the optimum method for transmission of asset management data in the petro chemical, energy generation, and mining industries. BSI partners with the leading communication carriers and wireless equipment providers to accommodate user response time expectations and data security requirements.

Why BSI?

BSI excels in translating the precision and reliability of ultrasound, previously only found in a laboratory setting, into real-world field environments.

Our engineers and scientists are experts in the development of unique, rugged ultrasound sensors and “Smart” probes as well as the design of signal processing software that enhances and preserves data quality.

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