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Cathodic Protection FAQ

Cathodic Protection > Owl Test Station FAQ

How are the ultrasound sensors calibrated?

The Eagle Array ultrasound sensors are calibrated prior to installation and re-calibrated, if necessary, remotely by software-comparison to an internally-stored reference.

Are the UT CP Test Stations wireless?
The UT CP Test Stations are shipped as standalone monitoring units. Data is acquired through traditional current density measurement meters. Ultrasound data is acquired manually by a BSI data logger (or certain off-the-shelf data loggers). The UT CP Test Stations can be integrated into a wide range of wired and wireless units for remote transmission of ultrasound and all conventional current density information (including instant-off levels).

Can the customer install the units?

Can the array operate from solar power?
Yes, when interfaced to wireless transceivers.

All installations include a warranty of 12 months. Leased units have a life-time warranty and are replaced or repaired at no charge to the customer.

Ultrasound frequency?
5.0 MHz

How many sensors per Probe?
Standard Probes have 2 ultrasound transducers.

Can the arrays be installed underground or underwater? 

How is the data managed?
The data from the BSI data logger is exported by csv. Files which can be used by standard Excel programs. The data can be uploaded to a common database (Cloud-based or local to the customer) for 24/7 display and customer access.

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