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Tank Inspection Robotics
The Global Leader for Intrinsically-Safe (IS) In-Service Tank Robotics

The Global Leader for Intrinsically-Safe (IS) In-Service Tank Robotics

The world’s largest provider of in-service AST inspection robots for over 35 years. A depth of experience in high density ultrasound scanning, equipment design, fabrication, and safe deployments.

Robot Line Up
Save Time & Money

Historically, when an aboveground storage tank requires a routine inspection, the tank must be taken out of service presenting an interruption in operations. Alternatively, an in-service tank inspection provides the tank owners with the ability to plan for the optimum time for a full out-of-service inspection, if necessary.

Ultrasound & Settlement Data

BSI offers high density ultrasound tank floor scanning with traditional compression wave ultrasound to collect floor thickness and settlement data at the same time. This provides a more realistic picture of tank settlement, a better analysis of tank floor integrity and a realistic calculation of the remaining useful floor life of the tank.

All-Inclusive Inspection Package

BSI’s In-Service tank inspection services provide skilled professionals, equipment and software responding to your unique needs and workflow requirements.

The Ultrasound Difference

Historically, ultrasonic instruments have been used to evaluate the integrity of components manually. In many circumstances, the accuracy of these measurements is operator dependent. However, the reliability and precision of ultrasound technology, when used in a more automated fashion, eliminates variables that oftentimes impacts measurement accuracy.

Ultrasonic Testing is non-destructive. High-frequency sound waves are emitted into one side of a target material. The sound waves are reflected back to the emitting sensor producing a precise measurement of material thickness. Not only does this technology assure the highest level of precision and accuracy, but ultrasound is also safe, provides immediate results, and is very cost effective.

Monitoring with ultrasound is mission critical. It enables you to work on long-term planning and maintenance vs. dealing with expensive repairs and potential emergencies.

In short, you are better able to protect, predict, and prevent.

The Inspection Process

BSI’s in-service tank inspection intrinsically-safe (IS) scanners and non-IS scanners are designed to inspect the bottom of small diameter storage tanks without removing the tank from service, and without personnel entry into the tank.

  • High density ultrasound scanners operate in both fixed and floating roof storage tanks.
  • Deployed with the tank full of product, through an 18-inch or greater diameter inspection manways.
  • A range of robotic equipment deployment options - from scanners that are maneuvered manually around the floor to multi-sensor remotely operated robots.

  • Where unknown conditions exist
  • When a tank needs reassessed
  • A new tank where corrosion rate is not known
  • Older tanks with known degradation

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