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Predictive Analytics
Setting a New Standard in data analytics


IMPAcT™ is the heart of a customer’s monitoring network. Real time and archived data are reviewed and correlated with process events. Traditional statistical tools are provided to view operating and inspection histories. Machine learning tools tap into IMPAcT’s AI libraries to develop mechanical integrity risk profiles.

24-Hour Monitoring

BSI software acquires, encrypts, aggregates and formats invaluable data around the clock. Trends and exceptions are alarmed and reported to customers at a “moment’s notice.”

Easy to Interpret

Customer interfaces are available to the user 24 hours a day with unique display features and decision-making tools.


Customer preferences are built into all user interfaces. Data logging schedules, Cloud uploads and text/email alerts are all tailored to specific user needs.

Why BSI?

BSI excels in translating the precision and reliability of ultrasound, previously only found in a laboratory setting, into real-world field environments.

We are experts in the development of unique, rugged ultrasound sensors and “smart” probes as well as the design of signal processing software that enhances and preserves data quality.

BSI has a strong and globally respected reputation for technical excellence. With decades of field experience we understand customer needs. We provide immediate online data and information access to our customers while working in the background analyzing the integrity of your data.

With today’s budgetary constraints, the Eagle Array System has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to conventional risk reduction and operational improvement methods. Cost savings associated with the elimination of scaffolding and inspection crew dispatching, as well as the value of early problem detection are only a few of the benefits that our customers realize.

(800) 205-6145